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Grow your own organic lettuce in your vegetable garden -

Grow Organic Romaine LettuceGrow Organic Romaine Lettuce
For a delicious, easy to grow garden treat, lettuce can't be beat! It is a must for your organic garden: it matures quickly, has few pest or disease problems and is a beautiful addition to your vegetable patch.

Those of you who are big salad eaters and who currently buy your lettuce at the grocery store will find that you save a huge amount of grocery money and have much tastier salads too. Talk about a win/win situation!

Varieties of Lettuce to Try Growing

Lettuce comes in four main types: crisphead, romaine, butterhead and leaf. The most familiar type of lettuce to most people is crisphead, the lettuce family that Iceberg lettuce belongs to. Crisphead lettuces are very finicky about growing conditions and aren't the best choice for you to grow in your home garden (unless you live in the desert areas of California and Arizona where most of the USA's lettuce supply is grown). With some planning and care, crispy, sweet Romaine, soft, colorful Butterhead and frilly, mild leaf lettuces will all thrive in organic gardens just about anywhere in this country.

5 Lettuce varieties sure to be a hit in your organic vegetable garden

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