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Horse Hair, Banana Peels, Tea Bags, Your Vegetable Garden and You! - A Review of The Greatest Gardening Tips in The World

Review of The Greatest Gardening Tips in The World by Steve BrookesReview of The Greatest Gardening Tips in The World by Steve Brookes
The Greatest Gardening Tips in The World
By Steve Brookes
Illustrated. 160 pp.
Public Eye Publications, 2005.

Steve Brookes' gardening tip book is a compilation of the great gardening tips he's heard over the past 30 years (or so). He has tested each tip and listed those that worked "and there were many," in this charming, pocket-sized book.

Although not geared exclusively toward organic gardening, most of the tips are suitable for use in an organic setting. The book contains over one hundred creative, unusual and downright zany gardening tips as well as extensive lists of Mr. Brookes favorite plants ("Steve's top 20 must-have wildlife attracting plants, Steve's 20 trees for the smaller garden", and more).

The tips are amusing, enlightening and curiosity-provoking. After reading the book, you will likely have found a few that you have a hankering to try. Could you keep yourself from wondering about cleaning houseplant leaves with beer? What about using tea bags and muscle spray as a cat repellent since "newly tilled soil is their perfect litter and the deposits made are not a welcome find", or keeping caterpillars from eating your cabbages and other brassicas by watering them with a dilute salt solution? These are tips that would be hard to find anywhere else.

The humor-filled writing, easy to read format and cartoon illustrations make this book a good choice for any gardener. It will be especially appreciated by Anglophiles as some of the tips seem very British, especially those that involve walks in the country, sheep manure and tea.

If you're looking for a light-hearted gardening book that is full of simple and useful ideas, take a look at The Greatest Gardening Tips in the World. At the very least it will leave you laughing. Follow Mr. Brookes' advice and you may end up having the greatest garden in the world, or at least have fun trying.

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