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Eno Triangle Horsemasters

Eno Triangle Horsemasters with Eno Triangle Pony ClubbersEno Triangle Horsemasters with Eno Triangle Pony Clubbers

The Horsemasters Program for Adult Volunteers, is for adults who want to follow the US Pony Club curriculum to learn more about riding and horse care. The Eno Triangle Horsemasters group joins for monthly riding clinics with local trainers.

Horsemasters members will spend time with other adults who love horses; learn more about horse care following the USPC curriculum for riding and Horse Management; get a chance to help at regional Pony Club activities, including clinics and competitions, and have fun! For more information about a Pony Club participating near you, contact the Horsemasters Liaison at the National Office, Shelley Mann, at shelley@ponyclub.org.

This Just In!

Horsemasters "Happy Hour"
We will be holding our monthly meeting this month on March 12th.

Horsemasters "Horsey Hour"
The next clinic is being planned. Suggestions are welcomed. Spectators are always welcome and open clinic slots are available to all members.

Horsemasters Helping Hands
The Eno Triangle Horsemasters are planning a camping trip to Chatham Hall. The trip will either be in early June or early August. Check back for more details.

Past Activities of the Eno Triangle Horsemasters


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