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Wooden Horse Fence for your horse farm

Wooden Board FenceWooden Board Fence
Wood is perhaps the oldest fencing material man has ever used. Wood fence is strong, durable and comes from a renewable source -- trees. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that blends in with the landscape and enhances the beauty of your farm.

Wood Fence Benefits

Wooden horse fence is the classic look. Everyone knows the look from the miles of wooden board fence running along the Kentucky Thoroughbread farms seen in movies and TV footage of the Triple Crown.

Not only does wooden horse fence improve your property's appearance, it also adds to your farm's property values. Many buyers of high-end horse farms expect the property fenced with wooden board fence.

Wood fence, like vinyl, steel and woven wire is a physical barrier. The fence should be able to physically restrain your horses -- even if they push against it. In contrast, electric fences are considered psychological barriers -- your horse can usually push past the fence, however the fear of shock prevents them from attempting that. Wood board fence with 2, 3 or 4 rails is also very safe and secure.

When choosing fence, wood fence is a good environmental choice. Wood for the fence generally comes from trees that are harvested in your local area. This means less energy is spent transporting the fence materials than for other types of fence. Also, when oak fence rails and cedar or locust posts are used, the fence is 100% non-toxic and recyclable. Your old fence can be ground for mulch (great footing enchancement) or burned in a wood stove.

Wood fence can be left to weather to it's natural color or it can be painted any color you wish. You can even get wild and paint the posts and rails different colors -- perhaps to match your barn colors.

Wooden Fence Negatives

While beautiful, wooden horse fence has a few problems. First, wooden horse fence requires regular maintence. Nails or screws must be replaced or tightened seasonally. Rails can become broken during storms and may create a dangerous situation. Also, you must regulary check to make sure the rails have not experienced any rotting due to weather. Weathering can be diminished with the use of cedar, pressure treated or creosoted wood.

For some reason, many horses think that wood makes an excellent diet supplement and enjoy chewing on wood fences. Horses that crib, also may be more likely to practice their vice when confined using wood fence. If wood chewing becomes a problem, consider using an electric "stand-off" wire.

Since wood fence is generally produced locally, the price of fence can vary depending on what part of the country you live. If you live where there is an active forestry industry, you may be able to get a great price on wooden fence. However, if there is not much timber around, wooden fence can become very expensive. Choosing Wood Fence

Because wood is a natural product, not all wood is made equally and it can be hard to easily judge the different qualities of wood. When pricing wood fence, make sure that you are pricing the same species and dimensions of wood -- cedar and treated pine may have very different prices in your area.

Wood fence posts and rails have two sizes that you should compare -- length and dimension. Length is how long the post or rail is. With posts, this includes the portion that will be buried. If you do not concrete the posts, you should get a longer post. You should also consider getting a post that can be buried below the frost line if you live in a particularly cold area. This will help minimize the amount of vertical shift that will occur. Dimension is the outside dimensions of the post or rail. Posts are between 4 and 6 inches thick and rails are 1x4 to 2x6 inches. The larger the size, the stronger the fence will be.

You have many options for the style of your wood fence. In additon to the standard 2, 3 and 4 rail fence, you can find cross buck and even a 5-rail fence. With wooden fence, you can also satisfy your artistic side. If you have a unique style of fence you want to try, it is possible to construct it. Also, you can incorporate solid fence sections where you can paint murals to decorate your pastures.

Wood Horse Fence Maintenance

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