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Tips for having a great horse farm

Pretty horses grazing in a fieldPretty horses grazing in a field
If you haven't saved up all the money you need to buy your land, build a house, and put in the necessary horse facilities, you'll need to obtain financing for your dream. Find out how to get a great mortgage that will help you realize your dream. And whether you are running a business or just enjoying a few pasture pets, you must consider the zoning regulations where you live as well as homeowner's association covenants restricting the use of your property.

If your are running a horse business, you may be able to save big on your income tax bill! Find out more about equine tax deductions.

Make sure that you have the right auto insurance coverage for when you are hauling your horse trailer. Your insurance may not cover every thing that you expect!

What horse fence should you choose for your farm and your horses? This article series highlights the pros and cons of different popular types of fencing. Learn all about vinyl, wood, no-climb, woven wire, electric wire and poly-electric horse fences. We'll help you pick the right horse fence (or combination of horse fences) that best suits your needs.

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